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Build a strong Second-Party supplier
audit program with help from SQC!

Our experienced consultants will verify that your suppliers are meeting requirements. Additionally, we can work with you to create a supplier development program that supports your suppliers’ corrective action and process improvement efforts.

Manage your suppliers with greater confidence:

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, nonconformities, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensure your suppliers consistently comply with the requirements specified in supplier agreements as well as any relevant standards or regulations.
  • Increase operational efficiency and save money.
  • Improve organizational processes and quality at the root (supplier) level, to avoid addressing the same issues multiple times.


With Second-Party supply chain audits from SQC Consulting Group:

  • Validate the strength of your supply chain against requirements
  • Assure that suppliers’ goods and services are compliant with all requirements
  • Minimize the risk of product failures, product recalls, and other compliance issues
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Cost reduction and improved margins
  • Reduce the risk of your company’s liability with documented safety standards
  • Protect the reputation of your organization!

Steps in a Second-Party Audit:


Customer develops a strategy for supply chain audits


SQC provides a proposal to conduct Second-Party audits, outlining the process and cost


Audits carried are out and reported


Customer reviews the audit reports and determines follow-up action


SQC follows-up per Customer requirements and works with the Supplier to improve